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About the only part of our recent Volcano Tour that went as planned was our stay at Railroad Park Resort in Dunsmuir, California.  We rolled in kind of late, but still had daylight to set up camp.  For us in our class B RV though, setting up camp is a pretty quick affair.  The sites were unpaved and basically just gravel and pine needles.  That’s fine, but it made it a bit more challenging for me to get things level.  (I’m kind of obsessive about getting the thing level… ask Stef)

RV at Railroad Park Resort

While setting up, I couldn’t help but notice something that disturbed me a bit.  It was the sewer connection.  It came out of the ground at a 45 degree angle.  Our sewer hose has a 90 degree elbow on the end, and the combination of the two made it just about impossible to get a constant slope on the hose.  When I did dump, I had to massage the hose back and forth to empty the low spots.  Ick.  But the other thing that bugged me was the proximity of the fresh water to the sewer connection.  I don’t like for my drinking water hose to get anywhere near the stinky slinky – but with this setup, there was no real way to avoid it.
Strange Sewer Connection
Apart from that weirdness, the other hookups were in good repair and worked well and without issue.

Anyway, once things were level and hooked up, we didn’t have much time left that evening for exploring, so we just ate and went to bed.  Stef did try the showers – they have more than adequate pressure and hot water, and don’t require tokens, quarters, or anything like that.  So that part of her day went well… until she got caught in a downpour on her way back to our rig!  They did have all of the amenities you would expect.  In addition to showers, they had laundry, a gift shop, and a rec room with a pool table.

The next morning, we explored the park.  This RV park is beautiful and quiet.  There are tall trees everywhere, and a creek nearby.  If you can get into sites 26 or 28 – that’s where you want to be.  You’ll have to back in, but the creek access is awesome and the sites are a bit more private.  The staff were friendly and helpful.  After asking permission, we filmed an exercise video at the nearby railroad car hotel – it was quirky and cute, and we’d consider staying in the cabooses if we pass back through.
Railroad Park Resort Cars
We filmed a video, so obviously we got some exercise.  And if you bring your own equipment like we do, you’ll have no problem finding a tree, or a bench, or someplace to set up and work out.  We didn’t see any trails from the RV park, but it wouldn’t be hard to imagine hiking out from there (though we don’t know if the land nearby is public or private).  Mt. Shasta is in the area, with plenty of hiking and other recreation opportunities.  But the park seemed a ways away from everything.  There’s good and bad to this.  The good is that it’s very quiet, and they don’t have to do things like charge money for showers.  The bad is that any other fitness activity, hike, or whatever, you basically have to drive to.  But if you’re bringing a tow vehicle along with your RV, Railroad Park Resort would be a great place to have as your base camp while exploring the Mt. Shasta area.  You’d be a bit remote at night, but within 10 miles or so of most of what the area has to offer.

All in all, we felt we got good value from our stay at Railroad Park Resort, and would recommend it if you’re in the area.  Just be prepared for the unpaved sites, and to be “away from it all”.