Coachmen Galleria 24A – Our Detailed Review

I know some of you have been waiting patiently for this, so I’ll get right to it.  Here’s the review!


When we visited Coachmen at their Middlebury, Indiana facility earlier this year, they put us up not in a hotel, but in one of their fully decked-out Galleria Class B motorhomes.  Being vanlifers ourselves, this was completely OK with us.  It gave us a chance to actually use the Galleria.  In the interest of full disclosure, I’ll reveal that while we were guests of Coachmen, we were not paid for this review, or even asked to do it at all.

The floor plan we stayed in is their newest, the 24A.  This one is unique because it is the only Galleria floor plan without that typical couch-all-the-way-across-the-back.  This was a good choice for us, because Stef and I really hate having to piece cushions together each night to make a bed.  The 24A has two permanent twin beds (with cool adjustable lift mechanisms) instead of that sofa.  It’s definitely the floor plan we would have chosen.

Most of what we learned you can see in the video, but here are a few key observations we had.

More “Refined” than “Rugged”

We find that Class B motorhomes all fall somewhere along a scale – with extremely rugged, off-road vehicles (like the Winnebago Revel or a 4×4 Sportsmobile) on one end of the spectrum, and high-gloss “airport limo” vans on the other end (take your pick – there are plenty).  The word that kept popping into my mind during our review of the Galleria was “polished”.  The features I’m thinking of here are things like the exterior skirting, the use of glass on the whole outside wall, and the general refined feel of the coach.  But it wasn’t overdone to the point that we felt like we were staying in a shiny high-roller suite in Vegas.  See if you agree with me while you watch, but I’m personally pegging the Galleria on the more refined side of that sliding scale.

Not Afraid to Try New Stuff

The Galleria was loaded with cool new tech – much of which you might have seen in our earlier video tour of the Coachmen RV facility.  It of course had their Li3 power system with a high-powered inverter and Lithium battery.  It also had their most comprehensive insulation package, a WiFi Ranger, the Shower Miser water saver, and a 12 volt air conditioner (to name a few).  We really like seeing manufacturers try new things in their rigs, so this made us happy and gave us lots of fun stuff to play with.

Maybe We’re Just Not “Multi-Plexers?”

We’ve talked about multiplex wiring in previous reviews, but until this rig, we’d never actually stayed in a rig that had it.  Now that we have, I can say that while it does save weight and produce a cleaner, more integrated look… there’s definitely an end-user learning curve to the multiplex wiring!  In day-to-day life, you don’t think about it much when you use a light switch, but with multiplex wiring, you do have to think about it.  And if you’re using only one button to control on, off, and dimming functionality, there’s a timing aspect to pressing that button that (apparently) takes more than a couple days to get the hang of.  Or at least it did for us.  Maybe we’re just “multiplex challenged”, but the lighting was a source of confusion for us.

Still Got It Going On With the Cabinetry

In our very first Coachmen Galleria review years ago, I was impressed with the craftsmanship in their cabinets.  It’s good to see that they haven’t dropped the ball here.  Stef actually pointed this out in the video, but their drawers are now using undermount, self-closing drawer slides.  To the layman, this means you can’t even see the drawer mechanism, and it looks very clean.  But to a woodworker like me, it means they really put the time and money into these drawers.  If I were to buy them myself, the drawer slides alone cost around $30 per drawer!  At this point, I’m convinced that their cabinet mill operation does high-end homes on the side.  There’s no other explanation.

Anyway, there’s more to like about the Galleria, and you can see the rest of it in the video.  If you have comments or questions, please sound off below.  Looking forward to your thoughts!

James is a former rocket scientist, a USA Cycling coach, and lifelong fitness buff. When he's not driving the RV, or modifying the RV (or - that one time - doing both at once), you can find him racing bicycles, or building furniture, or making music. In his spare time, he works for a large IT company.

    49 thoughts on “Coachmen Galleria 24A – Our Detailed Review

      1. James - Post author

        As far as I know, the tanks are not insulated.
        For winter camping with those tanks, you’d want heating pads, and to include plenty of RV antifreeze when heading out.

    1. Darryl D

      Thanks for the great video! I was wondering how you felt the insulation worked out subjectively? Given the window area, did it really seem to make a difference? I live in the south and would love to see a summer version of this review.

      1. James - Post author

        Subjectively, the only thing I really noticed was the floor was a little cold. I understand they’re looking at ways to improve the insulation of the floor.
        Apart from that, we honestly didn’t notice the temperature much… we were comfortable.
        So all I can really say is that the insulation in the van was able to keep the van at temperature with the included Truma Combi.

    2. Samuel Scherer

      Hello James and Steph
      great review and while ive thought about upgrading my 2014 unity to lithium etc
      this makes more sense to me(to start fresh and not just do pieces)
      I know you wish to be objective in your reviews, but how does this compare to your travato, general fit and finish and the electrical system?
      are you aware for a jump seat version for sleeping a third person?

      1. James - Post author

        The galleria has a larger battery than the prototype system we installed in Lance. Other than that, the electrical system is much the same that we have been happy with in Lance for some years now.
        As far as fit and finish, I’ve replaced so much of Lance, that I can’t really make a fair comparison. Generally speaking though, the fit and finish on the Galleria is very good.
        No plans that I am aware of for sleeping a third person. A call to Coachmen themselves might yield more info… but I doubt they’d let anything leak before it was official.

    3. Albert Davis

      Most people are less confused and more knowledgeable, more up to date than me. So take this with a grain of salt. Please include the year of the model you are reviewing. Love your reviews.

    4. Ron

      I’ve watched this review like 20 times all the way through, so so good… Sold me 100% on this unit. Just put my down payment down… managed to get the last 4×4 version in the old Sprinter chassis, so old sprinter new coach… so excited for the 4×4. Cool side note, I’ll be living in/around NYC with it… Thanks again for the amazing review and keep up the amazing work, so helpful!

      1. Donna

        I have a Jayco 24 ft diesel Mercedes 4 cylinder turbo, I’m trying to find out what types of cars people are flat towing and using and what mechanical devices to hook up with to tow.d

    5. Thomas Darby

      The Galleria has all I want (with one exception). Quality workmanship, a design like the Pleasure Way Plateau FL with a bigger refrigerator and better color scheme (they’ve gone to all white and grey, uck). The one thing, as a solo traveler, that I would like to put in is a permanent twin-sized bed on the driver’s side, and cabinets on the other. And a vent or window in the bath. The one exception that the Galleria lacks is a decent warranty.

      1. James - Post author

        I’m not a good one to speak on RV warranties. I pretty much do all my own work, and usually blow up the warranty within the first week… 😉

    6. Mitzi

      I dont know if any one else has had problems with the induction stove top . We have had ours in S and B for 5 months and we have had 6 repair men out. They have replaced most of the parts It has not been working for most of the time. I prefer anything else but induction

      1. James - Post author

        Sounds like you may have just gotten a bad unit.
        We’ve had ours for over two years now with no issues whatsoever!

    7. Keith M Workman

      Love this Van it has real beds no making the bed then taking it down to eat it kinda be nice if you could close off the bedroom area so one can sleep one can be up with a light on in the morning be real nice on the next gen 2019 Mercedes Sprinter

      1. James - Post author

        Good point about closing off the bedroom area. I think that could easily be done with a thick drape of some sort. Wouldn’t be too hard to do.

    8. Jennifer Harris

      Wow. LOVE this. It has everything I’d ever want….a a few things I DON’T want. Don’t want the soap dispensers in the bath. Don’t want two TVs (I’m also an IPad kinda girl), don’t want anything that runs on propane. Speaking of which, James, where was the propane tank for the Truma combi?

      1. James - Post author

        I’ve installed those soap dispensers… they should be easy enough to remove.
        The two TVs weren’t our cup of tea either. But at least they were mounted in convenient places.
        The propane tank was underneath and it was HUUUUUGE. But since it was raining and cold and the RV was parked over mud, my “going under the RV” footage was more limited than it usually is. Sorry about that.
        (but really, the tank was very very large)

      2. Terry Hargraves

        I don’t watch TV much either, but that front TV can double as a nice big monitor for your iPad or laptop. Nice if you have to do some serious work on board.

    9. Ivan Y

      Great review as always. I definitely like the fit and finish, and it looks like Coachmen really put some thought into the interior design.

      I’ll second the comments that if a diesel chassis is being run that I’d think a diesel Combi unit would make more sense here, and that overall I’d prefer a non-Sprinter platform (for a couple of reasons).

      Related to the latter, do you have any insights to the CCC fo this model? I can’t seem to find that mentioned anywhere on Coachmen’s website (and from what I’ve seen that’s usually a bad sign).

      1. James - Post author

        I looked through our footage to see if we had a shot of the OCCC sticker, and we didn’t.
        While I might think that was a bad sign on a class C, on a Class B, I personally wouldn’t be too worried.
        With no slides, etc, the vans usually turn out with quite a bit of carrying capacity.
        Especially the Sprinter chassis, which has 11,030 GVWR.

    10. Chris Mack

      Hi Guys,

      Great review as usual. Test camping makes it even more valuable. Love the Li3 system and the great woodwork. I also love how Coachmen thinks about laundry and garbage and kitchen sponges. So much more important than gloss. The 24A is definitely on my short list. I only have two real issues with this coach. The first is the propane heating system which I hope moves to diesel soon. No need for two types of fuel. The second is the tall cabinet on the passenger side. I think it gets you maybe 2 cubic feet of storage between the counter height and the upper cabinet height. I wish they just used the 24FL galley and left the passenger side wide open.

    11. Stéphane Lavergne

      Wait a minute. It was dark and cloudy, raining, and the phase change was already liquid? I hope it was because the lithium BMS was heating up that small space. I’m about to install Phase Change blankets in my DIY build and I was told that the point of fusion was set to 80°F in those. I would’ve expected them to be solid in those conditions.

      By the way if anyone’s looking for those insulation blankets, Aqua View from California are the only distributors for the RV version. At a few dollars per square foot, they seem like a good investment. (Ask me in 5 years…)

      1. James - Post author

        Well, remember, we were staying in the rig, so it had been heated to about 70 degrees for a couple of days.
        AND, the inverter/charger was working in that small space as well.
        (We had been unplugged for a long while to try things “off the grid” and we had just plugged back in to do the review, so the inverter/charger was charging the battery at a good clip.)
        I’d say 80 degrees wouldn’t have been much of a stretch.

    12. Perry M

      Rumor has it that the Polar Protection Package never made it to market
      Can’t find anything online except an old poster
      any thoughts?

      1. James - Post author

        We didn’t discuss anything specifically called the “Polar Protection Package”.
        We know that Coachmen is focusing on insulation and off-season use, but I don’t know if that package was just a marketing idea or what.
        I can confirm that the features we saw and show in our reviews are generally available as of now.

    13. Thomas A Darby

      I am so glad I watched your video! I finally found a Class B van that has all I want and need! I’ve been looking at a Pleasure-Way Plateau FL, which I most like for it’s front lounge where I could use my laptop or play games on my PS4. The Coachmen has almost the same layout… with even better features like a real large refrigerator with a compressor for more room. And doggie dishes! Thank you so much for your review.

    14. smiley

      If and when they build this on the new 2020 Ford Transit they will get my business because I WANT A GAS engine. Don’t care for the Cross Fit as much as I like this unit. Thanks

      1. James - Post author

        Honestly? None.
        It doesn’t need them. I’d designate the roof space for something more useful.
        But I think it comes standard with 100 Watts, with 200 and 300 options.
        So I guess I’d have the one standard panel.

    15. Crystal Pacheco

      I really like the floorplan, especially the desk! The only complaint I would have to wish the bathroom was bigger. This and winnebago 59gl are my top 2 class b vans they look really nice! As always love the review! If you ever get a chance hope you can do a review on the host truck campers!

      1. James - Post author

        We’ve never tried a truck camper (because my truck is small, I suppose).
        Interesting idea.


      I would really like to find out where a consumer can get that PCM insulation material Coachman is using. Can you help?

    17. Jacqueline Milton

      Dear James and Stefany, I really appreciate the Review of the 24A. It is a beautiful RV. My concern was the bed and padding. Is it really comfortable and do you think it would still be comfortable after sleeping on the bed for a month? It does not look like the mattress is thick enough. In other words, it does not look like it can compete with the Pleasureway B class sleeping areas. I hope I am wrong because I was considering the 24A because it has a dedicated sleeping area. I really value your opinions. You both did a great review as always.

      How is the shop build coming along? My husband and I are both following your building journey. There is not much you can’t do. Both you take care and best wishes.

      1. James - Post author

        I might not be the best one to ask about bed padding. I could sleep on plywood. 😉 I’m a stomach sleeper, so extra padding is uncomfortable for me.
        Having said that, I didn’t notice much about the bed, so it wasn’t excessively UN-comfortable.
        The good news is that bed padding is one of the easiest things for an RV owner to modify on their own. You can get any number of mattress toppers and cut them down to size. You ought to be able to suit your padding level wishes that way. I wouldn’t worry about it too much.
        The shop is coming along slowly, but nicely. I think it’s time to start another shop video soon.

    18. John Caruana

      Great review. The hole at the rear storage cabinet is probably for a CPAP machine. Coachmen is putting that feature on a lot of their products. Loved the unit but the wet bath is just a deal breaker for us. At the Tampa RV show I believe Pleasure Way had a dry bath in one of their units. Wish more van RV’s would follow suit. Thanks for the great review.

      1. James - Post author

        We used to think a wet bath was a deal breaker… until we had one.
        It turned out to not be as big of a deal as we had thought.
        But… everyone is unique, so I can’t say if you would reach the same conclusion we did.

    19. Bill Tingley, Norfolk UK

      Great review James and Stef. I especially appreciated it as the 24A is top of my short list to purchase in 2020 so that I can leave the UK and Tour the USA & Canada for 5-7 years full time. I noticed at about 23:31 that the Tank flush release cables go over to the nearside of the Coach to the Macerator. They hang down a bit and look rather vunerable in the video? Also I don’t understand why the Macerator is on the Nearside of the Coach when the Bathroom is on the Drivers side of the Coach? In your opinion would the 4×4 option have at least a couple of more inches ground clearance than this one?

    20. mathew k

      The interior wood work looks outstanding. I’m a sucker for good cabinetry and detest the glued together sawdust that is so commonly used. The quality on the galleria was really impressive and they seem to be on the leading edge in terms of tech. I really liked the attention to detail with the external hookups.

      The little flip out sponge drawer is something I see on a lot of tow able rvs. I really wish more companies would copy what I’ve seen a few places (can’t remember what brand it was). Where they install a wraparound U shaped drawer with a cutout in the middle for the sink. They have a segmented plastic tray in the drawer to store your cutlery. It’s basically free storage that is normally wasted!

    21. Tom S

      I agree with Nate, you’ve produced another great review! This answers most of the questions I had on the 24A, but I’d appreciate your opinion on a couple things. First, for a unit primarily to be used by a couple, do you personally prefer the 24A or 24FL floorplan? Second, any comments on bed comfort and length would be appreciated. I’m 6′ 2″, but I’ve found in the past that an RV bed can “sleep” shorter or longer than the published dimensions. How is the comfort compared to a bed with the Froli system?


      1. James - Post author

        Without question, Stef and I would prefer the 24A floor plan. We really dislike having to make up a bed out of a bunch of cushions each night.
        However, that preference is based on our own personal situation. If, for example, we needed extra seatbelts (we don’t), then the 24FL would be a better choice.

        As for the comfort of the bed – I thought it was just fine. I had no trouble sleeping and woke refreshed.
        I expect the bed could sleep slightly longer than its published dimensions due to the available space at the head of the beds. You can see that space in the video. You may need to put something in the void for support, but it could be done easily.

    22. Nate Ravid

      Thanks for a GREAT video! This is the model we ordered (without Li3), but we are getting the 2019 chassis. Love all of the inside storage. Can’t wait till we get ours!

        1. Carl Rice

          Class b design has come a long way since I first discovered your YouTube channel, I expect in a few years you won’t be able to find lead/acid batteries in an RV. Second alternators also make so much more sense than the tiny solar array you can fit on a van. One question I always have, how long are the beds? I will never be able to sleep in transverse beds unless they put in the flares like the Revel or the custom shops so the 2 twin set up always gets my attention.

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