Cool Teardrop Alert! The Safari Condo Alto 1713R

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For our typical RV content, we usually only focus on Class B and smaller Class C RVs.  We’ve never done a review of a towable RV, and this isn’t one now.  But we saw this teardrop trailer during our time at the Early Bird RV Show in Abbotsford, BC, and it was so different and unique, we just had to do something.


OK.  So yes, we had to go all the way to Canada to do it, but we finally got up close and personal with some Safari Condo models.  We do have a full review coming up of the Safari Condo Flex – which is their Class B offering.  Stay tuned for that.  But in the meantime, this Alto teardrop design was SO unique, we couldn’t help but give it a little attention.

Your typical teardrop trailer is usually something you can’t really stand up in.  Not this one.  Due to the roof that raises up, there’s plenty of headroom inside.  And what they do with that headroom is just jaw-dropping.  The amount of glass and the views out of this trailer are astounding.  We tried to show it in the video, but really it’s just something you have to experience to get the full effect.  I liken it to one of those mountain retreat cabins that has the giant wall of glass overlooking a snow-covered valley.  Something like that.

The other really remarkable thing about this trailer (as if it needed one) is that you can apparently tow it with just a regular sort of vehicle.  Francois told us the model we were in could be towed with a Subaru Outback.  We didn’t try that out at the RV show, but with the aluminum and honeycomb construction, it’s fair to say that these rigs are going to be pretty lightweight.

If this kind of RV interests you, the good news is that, apparently, it’s easier to get a Safari Condo towable RV in the United States than it is to get a Safari Condo motorized RV.  I won’t pretend to know all the ins and outs and tax implications, but Francois describes the process and makes it seem pretty easy.  They even have a couple towable dealers down there south of the border.  (We’re still in Canada at the moment.)

Anyway, while it’s not our typical fare, we hope you can see why we thought the Safari Condo Alto R series was just to unique not to share.


James is a former rocket scientist, a USA Cycling coach, and lifelong fitness buff. When he's not driving the RV, or modifying the RV (or - that one time - doing both at once), you can find him racing bicycles, or building furniture, or making music. In his spare time, he works for a large IT company.

    17 thoughts on “Cool Teardrop Alert! The Safari Condo Alto 1713R

    1. Emmanuel Scott

      I am highly interested in the Alto camper, not sure as to the motorized versus towable terminology. Id prefer the model with the electric moving system and controller. Do you guys have the contact information for the American Dealers?

      1. James - Post author

        Motorized vs. Towable is just used to distinguish between two broad types of RV. Motorized have a motor… like a motorhome. Towable are travel trailers, fifth wheels, etc. that you’ll need a vehicle to pull.

        As far as finding a dealer near you. Google is your friend. Or try calling Safari Condo directly. They’ll help you.

    2. Ele Radolsovich

      I was so excited to read your review and watch your video about the Safari Condo R1723! We actually rent several of the Safari Condo Altos here in Durango Colorado. We are heading into our 3rd season and, by far, compared to other models we rent, the SC line holds up so much better! Our customers love them, their are lightweight and easy to pull. We have had several renters with Subarus, Tesla, and smaller SUVs pull our units. We even rent a tow vehicle now because we have so many customers wanting to try one! I just can’t say enough good things about the quality of the products made by this Canadian Manufacturer. In addition to the Altos, we also have 2 Sprinter Van Conversions that are 4wd. We are located in Durango Colorado.

      1. Bruce Johnson

        Ele, I’m interested in learning more about your Safari Condo Altos rentals. Do you have a website, email and telephone number?

        1. James - Post author

          We aren’t a rental company. But if you’re interested in the Safari Condo Alto, then I’d contact Safari Condo directly, and they may be able to hook you up with a local contact.

    3. David Huff

      Would love to see you guys review one of their “Flex” Class B RVs (which they build on both the Sprinter and Promaster chassis). Like the Alto, they seem to have a very modern interior design and, I suspect, similar use of lightweight materials.

    4. Bonnie

      Not only does this teardrop look so cool, comfy and with a toilet (yippee! pun intended lol), “…can be towed by a Subaru Outback…” really got my attention (tho it might have to be with the Outback’s 3.6R Limited or Touring).

      Thanks for that quick look and keep sharing neat finds like this!

    5. Shawn

      “Regarding US support: Safari Condo has no US dealers. US buyers can either take delivery at the factory in Quebec or, if they live in a border state, the company allows them to take delivery at various Safari Condo dealers in Canada. Many eastern or midwest US buyers take delivery in Quebec or at a dealer in London Ontario, Can-Am RV.”

      Getaway RV near Vancouver is their BC dealer. Maybe it’s a Safari Condo policy. Not sure.

    6. greytourist

      Saw one of these trailers at a local State Park last month. Acted like foreign agents, circling and circling the trailer, mouths agape. Reminded me of a mid-century modern house straight out of an Incredibles movie. If we liked trailering, we’d probably want one, stat.

    7. Roger Bohnke

      Saw one of these in a South Carolina campground on a recent trip! Nice Canadian couple graciously gave us a tour. You’re right. It’s absolutely an amazing feeling in there! Very innovative. They were out in it for about a 3 month circuit trip and were loving it.

    8. Alain

      Glad to see you finally hooked up with the Safari Condo people. Yeah, their fit and finish and material choices are a class act. I read an article about a couple who did a cross Canada trip hauling an Alto with a TESLA!!!

      When looking into the specs for my Flex and asking a few questions by email, I noticed the hauling capacity was significantly higher that all other major brands with Promasters. I attribute that to the company founder’s obsession with lightweight materials.

      I’ll look forward to your review of the Flex.

    9. Shawn

      Thanks for the cool review. Love the Alto (for ALuminum TOwable). So bright, light, and innovative. High quality, well thought-out camper indeed. Understandable that it has a cult-like following and an even longer wait than their van conversions. The dealerships that Francois referred to aren’t actually in the US, but are in Ontario and BC. Residents in neighboring U.S. states to those provinces can buy through those dealerships (weird law apparently) versus dealing with the factory directly in Quebec. Just wanted to clarify. For people that want to see one up-close in the States, Safari Condo is good at hooking up owners and wannabe’s for a tour and Kool-Aid.

      1. James - Post author

        Ah – thanks for setting the record straight.
        Never heard about the “weird Canadian trailer law”, but there are lots of things I’ve never heard of. lol.
        And Shawn… I imagine you’ve given quite a few tours yourself!

        1. Shawn

          Not sure all the details and the why of it, but this is what Can-am (Safari Condo’s dealership in Ontario) states:

          Can-Am RV Centre sells Altos throughout Canada, New York, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois. If you live outside these areas please visit the Safari Condo website.

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