Picking the First RV for a Young Family at the South Texas RV Supersale

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We just got back from the South Texas RV Supersale in San Antonio.  One of the great things about RV shows is that you can compare different models from different manufacturers and dealers side-by-side.  It makes for awesome comparison shopping because you can always just walk back over and look at something you might have missed.  This was exactly the environment we needed for this RV Shopping video.

You remember Tyler, from our other post.  We think Tyler and his family are pretty typical of a young couple looking to get into their first RV, and also pretty representative of the younger buyers that are just starting to hit the RV market.  We took Tyler and Anna’s requirements with us to the show, and looked at models from all the dealers there to pick the best first RV for them.  Their requirements guided us to smaller travel trailers, and there were several at the show.

Keeping our choices to just the RVs on display at the show, in this video, we review three small travel trailers:

  1. The Forest River Wolf Pup, Presented by the South Texas Fun Center
  2. The Jayflight Swift SLX, presented by the Crestview RV Super-Store
  3. The Skyline Layton, presented by Ancira RV

In the end, we pick out one of these as the best match for Tyler and his family.

Which one did we pick?  Check out the video to find out.  It’s 12 minutes of vicarious RV shopping!



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