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As far as I can tell, this review is the closest we have to a “scoop” from this year’s (2016) RVIA show in Louisville. Just days before the show, Coachmen announced that they would be debuting a new Class B RV (camper van), built on the Ford Transit chassis.  When the show opened, we bee-lined it right to their display, and this video is the result.


First: If you remember our review of the Coachmen Galleria, you probably remember me wood-geeking out over the cabinetry.  The cabinetry in the Crossfit is almost as awesome, and clearly made by the same group of people.  Dovetailed drawer boxes.  Real wood panels (not plywood) in their frame and panel doors.  The cabinetry in the Crossfit is nicer than some of the stuff I build for myself.  I have no idea how they budget that into their motorhomes, but they do.

Coachmen is using the Truma Combi for heat and hot water in this coach, and naturally, we think that’s a great decision because we love ours.  They are also providing *standard* solar panels.  Everyone gets at least 100 watts.  200 watts is an option.

The solar panels will help keep your batteries charged up as you use the 12v-only compressor fridge.  We’re starting to see these more and more.  If you hate frozen lettuce and warm drinks as much as we do, then this is a good thing.  Less enthusiastically, the batteries on this rig were pretty basic lead-acid batteries, and that would be the first upgrade I would make if I owned this rig.  I meant to ask if a battery upgrade was an option, but I forgot.  You’ll have to contact Coachmen for that info.

The propane tank was very large.  Like – I had to go look at it a second time, large.  With the solar power, and only the Truma (and cooktop) sipping propane, you could probably stay out a fairly long time before you had to find someplace to plug in.

Probably the one area where we’d most like to see some improvement here is in the dinette/bed area.  While we appreciate what they were trying to do with multiple table options, it wound up being a bit… fussy.  We also think they would be smart to make some access to the under floor storage from inside the rig.  And finally, the cross-coach sleeping arrangement wouldn’t work for taller individuals, so do keep that in mind if you’re on the taller side.

Considering that we were probably looking at pre-production or maybe unit number 01 there at the show, I expect they’ll get some of these things worked out shortly.

We’re excited to see the small RV market expanding.  New entrants like the Crossfit, and the Ford Transit it’s built around are good things for all Fit RVers because it all means more options and choices.  And who doesn’t like that?