The Coachmen Crossfit – Our First Look

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As far as I can tell, this review is the closest we have to a “scoop” from this year’s (2016) RVIA show in Louisville. Just days before the show, Coachmen announced that they would be debuting a new Class B RV (camper van), built on the Ford Transit chassis.  When the show opened, we bee-lined it right to their display, and this video is the result.


First: If you remember our review of the Coachmen Galleria, you probably remember me wood-geeking out over the cabinetry.  The cabinetry in the Crossfit is almost as awesome, and clearly made by the same group of people.  Dovetailed drawer boxes.  Real wood panels (not plywood) in their frame and panel doors.  The cabinetry in the Crossfit is nicer than some of the stuff I build for myself.  I have no idea how they budget that into their motorhomes, but they do.

Coachmen is using the Truma Combi for heat and hot water in this coach, and naturally, we think that’s a great decision because we love ours.  They are also providing *standard* solar panels.  Everyone gets at least 100 watts.  200 watts is an option.

The solar panels will help keep your batteries charged up as you use the 12v-only compressor fridge.  We’re starting to see these more and more.  If you hate frozen lettuce and warm drinks as much as we do, then this is a good thing.  Less enthusiastically, the batteries on this rig were pretty basic lead-acid batteries, and that would be the first upgrade I would make if I owned this rig.  I meant to ask if a battery upgrade was an option, but I forgot.  You’ll have to contact Coachmen for that info.

The propane tank was very large.  Like – I had to go look at it a second time, large.  With the solar power, and only the Truma (and cooktop) sipping propane, you could probably stay out a fairly long time before you had to find someplace to plug in.

Probably the one area where we’d most like to see some improvement here is in the dinette/bed area.  While we appreciate what they were trying to do with multiple table options, it wound up being a bit… fussy.  We also think they would be smart to make some access to the under floor storage from inside the rig.  And finally, the cross-coach sleeping arrangement wouldn’t work for taller individuals, so do keep that in mind if you’re on the taller side.

Considering that we were probably looking at pre-production or maybe unit number 01 there at the show, I expect they’ll get some of these things worked out shortly.

We’re excited to see the small RV market expanding.  New entrants like the Crossfit, and the Ford Transit it’s built around are good things for all Fit RVers because it all means more options and choices.  And who doesn’t like that?



James is a former rocket scientist, a USA Cycling coach, and lifelong fitness buff. When he's not driving the RV, or modifying the RV (or - that one time - doing both at once), you can find him racing bicycles, or building furniture, or making music. In his spare time, he works for a large IT company.

    36 thoughts on “The Coachmen Crossfit – Our First Look

    1. Katherine Lawrence

      We are renting one of these CrossFits now and cannot get the table pedestal to screw into the plate on the floor. Thus, no table! Very frustrating. Any tips?
      Merci from Canada

      1. James - Post author

        If I remember correctly, there is a little metal thing on the end of the pole. If it is not far enough *out*, then you won’t be able to get it to grab on to the floor mount.
        So… Knowing no more than your comment, I would suggest to try unscrewing the little metal T-shaped bit from the end a little ways, and then see if you can get the table to engage.
        That’s my best guess!

    2. Marsha Notartomaso

      I thank you for teaching novices like me what to look for and expect as I shop around for my retirement exploration home. I want a b rv that can be used in cold as well as warm climates, as I want to work me way across country. What would you recommend!

    3. John L

      One concern that I have with the Crossfit compared to the Paseo is in the power department. I think the EcoBoost is a much better match to a heavily loaded van. I would be interested to hear whether Coachmen can offer this option on an order.

      1. James - Post author

        Good question. I haven’t heard of any updates to the Crossfit chassis, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t do it if you asked.
        I don’t know. You’d have to call them.

    4. Brenna

      Thank you SO MUCH for this video! Appears that coachmen took your remarks to heart – It looks like the 2018 version reduces cabinet space so that you can sleep lengthwise on two twin beds – a BIG plus for those of us who have to get up at night. Also looks like the 2018 version has a hatch to get to the under-floor storage.

      Pretty sure this is the rig for us – will be calling Coachmen on Monday to see about the battery upgrade. Where does the generator get the gasoline? Does it come from the Transit or is there a separate tank?

      1. James - Post author

        Glad you liked the video, and good to hear that they are interested in improving their product.
        (Don’t know about the generator fuel though…)

    5. Jon

      How about something half the size and half the price. Something like us sports-mobile van. A cross between ford transit connect van and a transit connect.
      Something like an FJ cruiser extended in a bit higher up. We need some people with more imagination, as there is a huge market you’re missing.

    6. leia

      Excellent review/video! I had my husband sit down and watch it with me as well. The bathroom doesn’t look as large as the bathroom in the Coachmen Galleria ST which is no surprise considering the length/width of the vehicles are different. Would you say the bathroom in the Paseo is larger/roomier (all things considered) than the Crossfit bathroom? I agree re: the bed being a bit of an ordeal. The bed in the Galleria (the model we like) is power-operated (I realize they are going for a lower MSRP on this one). Thanks for putting this together so quickly and getting it online!

    7. Mindy Smith

      I am loving all of your in depth reviews. I am researching class b’s as a Daily Driver, I have 2 teens, so seat belts for them is a must. Can you please include the seat belt amounts in your reviews, I noticed a few in the back dinette of this Crossfit. My favorite choice so far is the Travato 59k, but it only has 2 seat belts, so I have to consider the 59G. Also we live in a Desert community so the weather is HOT, are there AC vents in the rear of the coaches that will cool while in motion? This is a feature that class b manufacturers need to add for rear passengers and/or pets.

      1. James - Post author

        You’re not the only one who is interested in the seat belt info. We’ve noted a time or two that we need to pay more attention here, but since it’s not on our personal radar, we keep forgetting. Sorry. We’ll try to do better.
        As to your air question, we have not seen a true Class B with ducted air. Where you see the air distribution box in the videos – that’s where the cold air comes out.
        In any Class B we’ve seen, you could run the house air at any time – even while driving – by running the generator. (Or, in our case, the inverter.) That should be enough to keep the back comfortable.

        1. Jon

          Hi, not sure if this is the right area to bring this up. All these RVs are really nice, but not affordable for most people and they’re not off-road enough and they’re not small enough.
          I don’t need a giant van going on back roads to trails. What I’m looking for and a lot of other people or something in the line between sports Mobile and at Ford transit connect van. It would be nice to have something basic that you can add onto when you can afford it and something that isn’t so high up. Something priced at 50 to 60,000 range.
          What I’m thinking about, is the basic off road vehicle, that I can bring my own cooler, my own microwave, my own sleeping bag in bed, my own toilet.
          Well insulated vehicle. With emphasis on off road. I don’t need a giant van.

    8. Sharon

      Hi James,

      Would you say this is the best winter friendly (as it comes from the mfg w/out mods) class B/small C RV that you’ve seen that’s (reasonably priced)?

      1. James - Post author

        Well, I didn’t see any tank heaters, so no, it’s not the best winter rig out there. But they do have the water tank inside, and the plumbing inside as well, so that’s a good start.
        I didn’t get a chance to inspect the insulation, so I can’t comment on that.

    9. Bob Bedell

      Nice video as you always do. Now, ss usual, now the questions:

      Huge propane tank – propane generator, maybe?

      House battery bank? AGM? How large?

      Any preliminary pricing? When do they show up in the market?

      1. James - Post author

        Thanks, Bob.
        The generator is the 2.8kw Gas Onan.
        The batteries were just lead acid batteries. I believe it was about 200 AH, but I’m not certain.
        I know they were aiming to be more affordable, so I think they were targeting right around $100k. But don’t quote me on the pricing.

        1. Bob Bedell

          Thanks for the info. Discussions going on the FB pages now. “Lead-acid” to me means “lead-acid chemistry”. Flooded cells, AGMS, and Gels are all “lead-acid chemistry”, just different construction, electrolytes, etc. So are they flooded cells or AGM? Concern is access, if flooded cell.

        2. James - Post author

          I’m assuming old-school flooded cells, because I specifically asked if they were AGMs and they said no.
          I didn’t get a chance for a thorough crawl-underneath, so I can’t say where they put them.

          Honestly, that would be my very first mod on this coach – more modern batteries.

    10. Larry F.

      Everything looks outstanding except the bed. The bed looks like it would only work well for folks 5′ 4″ and under. Given that the average American male is about 5′ 10″ (around James’ height), I don’t see Coachmen selling a lot of these RVs.

      1. James - Post author

        It was tight, but workable for me. I think anyone over 6 feet would have trouble.
        Perhaps they’ll address that in a future iteration.

    11. Bill Sprague

      Hi Guys!

      That’s a very nice coach but the bed is indeed fussy. I wonder if someone is doing a short chassis 4×4 diesel on the Transit? Did you see any? Keep up the arm waving and fun commentary. I’m subscribed, so I catch every review and post.



      1. James - Post author

        This is only the second class B on the Ford Transit we’ve seen. There were no others at the show. (If there had been, we would’ve taken a look.)

      2. Bill Sprague

        Thanks James,

        I’ll stick to my Class B 4×4 quest. Maybe the SEMA show next year or Sportsmobile will reveal some options.



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