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O.K.  Make yourself some popcorn before watching this video.  It’s gonna be a long one.

Stef and I were asked by Winnebago to come speak at their dealer educational conference, “Winnebago Redefined”.  They wanted us to provide insight and perspective on non-traditional RVers; a topic we’re pretty well versed in, considering the majority of our FitRV followers are non-traditionals.  And wouldn’t you know it (wink), Winnebago launched their brand new Pure3 lithium systems at Winnebago Redefined!  Since we were there doing presentations, we took the opportunity to get up close and personal with this new rig.

This is a full review of this new model – not just a review of the Pure3 Lithium system (although we do spend a good bit of time discussing the Pure3 components).  There are some changes specific to the Pure3 model, and some running model year changes as well, so even if you’ve seen a Travato 59G review before, it’s worth it to see the whole review.  Check it out!



You can see most of what we know so far in the video.  The Pure3 Energy Management System, which was developed in partnership with Volta, is obviously the star of the show, but there is a lot more to this coach.  If we had to pick just a few highlights (and a few not-highlights), this is how we would break that down.


What We Really Liked

  • Well obviously, the lithium system.  We’ve been living with a similar system for nearly two years now, and we love it.  This one has a bigger battery, more powerful (yet smaller) alternator, and a more efficient solar charge controller.  It’s kind of hard not to like it.
  • The compressor refrigerator!  Not exactly the same model we have, but we’re excited to see Winnebago put another nail in absorption refrigeration’s coffin.  The G model had suffered from sub-optimal refrigeration until this year.  Glad to see that fixed.
  • OMG!  Dual-paned acrylic windows everywhere they could put them!  YES!  These windows are about three times more thermally efficient, they’re quieter, and they have a super cool locking vent function.  Fantastic to see these windows making inroads here in North America.
  • The front windshield shade.  We love love love the idea of having a window shade for the front that doesn’t require you to physically store anything anywhere.  That’s one less thing to bring.
  • Locking in-floor storage.  This is one that they did for us on our concept coach, and we’re glad to see this going mainstream.  Though we’re a bit jealous because ours doesn’t lock and everyone else’s will now.  Hmmmm….


What We Wish Was Different

  • It’s fantastic to have the massive lithium battery on board.  We’d like to see it put to better use with an induction cooktop.  We really enjoy ours.  We think that if others got the chance to enjoy the increased safety and faster cooking of induction, they might like it too.
  • There are still automotive glass windows in the back doors.  It would be great if they could replace those with dual-paned acrylic windows as well.  (We know they couldn’t open because of exhaust issues.  That’s OK.  We just like the efficiency… and the cassette blinds.)
  • The cabinet next to the refrigerator and microwave is pretty narrow, and we don’t know too many people who bring suits along in their Class B (though I’m sure there are some).  We think that space would better be used as a pull-out pantry.
  • The battery does sit pretty low to the ground.  In order to get it above the rear axle, we’d like to see Sumo Springs (or another suspension enhancement) added to the GL model to raise the battery an inch or so.  Since most owners seem to add the Sumo Springs anyway, this really isn’t going out on a limb.  And while the install is fairly inexpensive and easy, it would be nice to just have it done for you.


Now for the exciting part:  THIS REVIEW IS STILL GOING ON!  We’re sitting in this exact coach right now!!  We’re going to be borrowing this one from Winnebago for a week (or so…) to test-camp it.  I intend to put the Pure3 system through its paces, and I should have more information to report at the end of the week.  We’ve already started the mayhem by just leaving the inverter on all the time.  (That’s something we don’t do in our coach now.)

We’d really like to do a live Q&A video when we wrap up – but we don’t know exactly where we’ll be or if we’ll have enough bandwidth for that, so it may be a regular edited video.  But our first choice would be to take questions and do it live.

Stay tuned here and we’ll see if we can make that happen!