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We first encountered Organized Obie at the RVIA show in Louisville. They offer a wide variety of organization solutions for RVs (or for your home), and had a number of them on display. We were impressed enough that we bought a bunch of their items and used them to organize the back wall of our RV. You can see that post and original video, here: OurOrganized RV – Thanks to Organized Obie.

Over a year has gone by since then, and our storage needs have changed. In particular, I had a custom exterior storage box built for our Travato. You can read about the box construction here. While the box was exactly what we wanted, the interior space was just that: space. I found myself doing that shove-things-into-the-box-and-then-really-quickly-try-to-close-the-door-before-something-falls-out dance we all do sometimes.  I was just doing it far too often.

When I’m not carrying cats back there, this storage box gets to be a real mess.

So once again I knew I needed some sort of organizers to tame the situation. Organized Obie sent me the accessories you see in this post to try out.  The first thing I did was to install some SNADs onto the door of the box so that I could install a storage net I had leftover from my back wall. The SNADs adhere with VHB tape, so they shouldn’t come off, and the Obie accessories snap right to them. Just clean the surface.

Adhere the SNADs.

And then finish mounting your net. Easy!

The idea is we store the mountain bike shoes back here…

The fact that you don’t have to drill or screw to mount these makes them well suited to the inside of RVs, where you never quite know what’s inside that wall.

That part of the project took ten minutes. Literally.

I also wanted to be able to store our shore power cord back there in a way that didn’t require dumping the entire contents of the box onto the ground to remove the cord. I decided on Organized Obie’s HandiWall mounted track. This stuff is similar to other garage wall storage systems you may have seen, except it’s made from PVC, so it’s extremely lightweight. This makes it great for RV use. The track comes in four foot lengths and I needed less than one. It cuts easily with a hand saw, but I used a laser-guided miter saw to cut it because… power tools!

I then drilled a couple holes in the track and mounted it using the same bolts that hold the box onto the door, so again… no extra holes. Like similar systems, there are a variety of accessories you can place anywhere on the track. Once I had the track mounted, I tried a basket.

But ultimately decided that took up too much space, so it’s going back. Then I installed a number of hooks, including a heavy-duty one to hold the shore power cord. And with that, I was done.

Seriously, the time it took for both of these projects was less than 45 minutes. I spent more time on the Obie website trying to figure out what I wanted than I did installing it.

And speaking of the website, here’s the good news for you. Since that original video, we’ve kept in touch with the crew at Obie, and they’re now offering a discount, exclusively for Fit RV readers.


Enter the Discount Code THEFITRV (all caps) on the Organized Obie website, and you’ll receive 5% off your purchase.


We get a referral bonus as well, so everybody wins.  We wouldn’t recommend the company if we didn’t like them and use their products ourselves.  That pretty much says it.

That’s all for now.  See you on the road!