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Times are a’ changin’ folks! And when it comes to USB-C outlets, that’s a change we’re happy to embrace. Number One came with USB-A outlets, but since then, we’ve updated all our devices and we’ve been wanting to update our RV outlets, too. James finally did so; see a video look here:



And can I just ask, what is it with the lights on these outlets?! Why do they all come with them? A bright blue light shining in a tiny space like an RV can be a total sleep thwarter in the dead of the night. Manufacturers, just stop with the lights already, mkay?

Here’s the LINK TO THE USB-C OUTLET we used, which, at least has a switch to turn off the pesky lights.

If you’re comfortable with basic electrical work; this is pretty much a painless 10 minute mod. Well, unless you bonk your head like James did. Luckily, we have pots of styptic powder in his shop, in the RV, in the house… I guess the good news is since he drew blood, we can call it a project!

But here’s hoping yours isn’t a project. Enjoy!