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This is the week that our shiny yellow Promaster begins its metamorphosis…into the pimped out Travato we’ll FINALLY get to meet on July 13th, the day before our shakedown cruise. We’re so excited, it’s hard to think of anything else.

Yellow Fit RV

Here’s my brain process right now:

Excited about RV

1. The RV build is starting; EEEEEE!!!!!

2. We have to start thinking of a name. OOOO! And we need bedding. All new bedding. What should we do for bedding? A comforter with bikes on it would be cool…

3. AAAHHHH!!!  We also need cupboard organizers. All the cool RVers have tricked out super-organized cabinets. I better hit the Container Store and put pix of me there on Facebook so people will think I’m a cool RVer, too…

4. The new fridge is so freaking huge, maybe I can use it for extra storage! Like plates and stuff? Would that be weird?

James has the new RV on the brain, too. But, of course, his brain works a little differently:

  1.  The RV build is starting; cool. (If I were Stef, I’d put exclamation points here.)
  2.  I didn’t specify an R-value for the insulation or which vent covers I prefer. Perhaps I should fret to Stef about these things instead of calling Winnebago.
  3.  How do I transport myself and Stef and an RV’s worth of supplies to Iowa to pick up the new RV without taking an RV? I’m going to stay up all night obsessively researching moving vans, rental cars, flights, trains, and random cute cat videos until I have a solution.
  4. Why is Stef asking me about storing plates in the refrigerator? Please tell me that’s a joke.



As you can imagine, we are counting down the days until we arrive at Winnebago and meet our new baby: 35 days and 19 hours and 54 minutes as I type. Not that I have a Time Duration Calculator counting down on my home screen or anything…that would be TOTALLY nerdy.

James and Stef Adinaro Travato Winnebago


Winnebago Outdoor Adventures has put together a 4 day tour (the “Driftless Adventure”) starting and ending in Forest City, Iowa. The timing worked out perfectly for us to use the trip as our shakedown cruise, and we’d love for you to join us! This REALLY WILL be our first trip in it, so you know what that means. We’ll be working out the kinks and learning as we go. Let’s just say we hope the learning curve on the composting toilet isn’t too steep. You can read the sanitized version on the blog after the trip, or you can come along and see for yourself how it all “shakes down!” Usually, with us, you can be guaranteed a comedy of errors…

The Driftless Adventure tour is geared for Class B and C enthusiasts, and it’s not limited to just Winnebago RVs. And! Russ Garfin, the product manager for all of Winnebago’s Class-B and Class-C’s will be joining the fun with his wife Kathy in their brand new Travato 59K. If you’ve ever wanted to pick the brain of a WGO big dog, now’s your chance. You can find more details about the Driftless Adventure HERE.


As James and I have been texting/emailing about the trip, our devices keep auto-correcting “Driftless” to “Dripless.” So now we call it the “Dripless” Adventure. Hope you’ll consider coming with us on our Dripless Adventure! (No drips, please.)

Stef and James Adinaro