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Getting a new RV is an exciting time, for sure.  But if you’re selling or trading an old one, it can also be bittersweet when you have to let go of your previous one.  That’s never been more true than with Lance.


It’s finally time for us to pass Lance on to his next owner.  We completed that sale today, and his new owners are getting to know him.  We’re going to leave the remainder of this post up though, just for the memories.


If you’re the kind of person who would be interested in buying Lance, you probably already know quite a bit about him.  But here are just a few of the key things that set Lance apart from any other Travato or any other campervan out there:

  • The Bed is raised 40″ off the floor to allow bikes to be stored underneath – with the bed down.
  • Lance rides on VB Air Suspension and is, quite literally, the best driving ProMaster in the US. (a $9k add)
  • Lance also has an auto-leveling system from E&P that uses telescoping hydraulic jacks.  (another $9k add)
  • Lance features a Lithium Battery System with a 7,000 watt-hour battery that is stored INSIDE the van.
  • Lance has extensive insulation and winter systems to allow use of the camper and water systems down to -13 degrees Fahrenheit (tested).
  • The propane cooktop has been replaced with induction – Propane is only used for the Truma Combi heat and water heater.
  • Lance has the biggest refrigerator of ANY Travato, and tons more pantry space as well.  (We’ll really miss this.)
  • Lance has a composting toilet and a double grey tank system.
  • He’ll come with two sets of wheels and tires – regular, and snow.
  • The engine was replaced at 60,000 miles – there are only about 11,000 miles on the engine!



There are, quite honestly, a LOT of other upgrades that have been made to Lance over the years.  Too many to list here.  But I did list them in this post:

The Encyclopedia of Lance Travato Mods – 85 and Counting!

Due to the number and extent of his mods, Lance needs to go to someone who will be able to understand his different systems.  He might be frustrating for a first-time RVer, so do keep that in mind.  I’m not saying we’re going to test people before we let them purchase, but that’s mostly just because Stef won’t let me.


If you have any questions, you can post them here (we’ll be watching!) or send them over on