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Here we are in Sedona, and I’ve never seen so many RV rentals in one place!

Sedona Rental

As we were checking in to our park, a couple in a Class A rental was also attempting to check in.  This is how the conversation went:

CLERK:  You’ll need to have a donut or a threaded sewer coupling.

Rental Dad:  Ummm….  We’ve already had breakfast.  Thanks though.

CLERK:  And you’ll also need to have a hose support to keep a proper slope on your dump hose if you intend to leave it out.

Rental Dad:  I don’t think she needs that, but hang on.  Honey!  Do you leave your support hose out on the slope?

Rental Mom:  What!?!?

They were obviously new at this.  After a quick husband/wife telepathic read-each-others’-minds decision, we offered our services on getting the couple set up.  Well actually, I offered James’ services to set them up, because I know how much he likes sewage.  I simply took pictures because I found it funny.


The couple was from Israel, and they were traveling with their 3 kids. They just picked up the RV and had plans to road trip for the next few weeks.  What a way to see the country!  The rental company gave them a quick 5 minute tutorial then sent them on their way.  This thing must have cost them a fortune to rent!  How can you send a complete novice out the door in a big rig like that with only a 5 minute primer?


Here’s James being a Good Samaritan.

Sedona seems to be an RV rental mecca.  Have any of you noticed high numbers of rentals anywhere else in the US?