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Too often, fitness holds a perpetually low spot down towards the bottom of our To Do lists. Sure, we all know it’s good for us. And there’s always that “good intention” nibbling at the edge of our conscience reminding us to get around to it. So we THINK about adding some fitness all the time. But with so much other stuff in our lives a higher priority, actually doing anything about our fitness gets pushed aside. Here’s how to find your fitness groove and make it your latest thing.


  1. Make it Your Daily Therapy Session:

Stef and James Adinaro Stretching Fit RV

Exercising with a buddy or spouse is the perfect chance to talk and connect in a meaningful way. After all, part of leading a fit and healthy life means keeping on top of your mental and social health as well. You and your buddy can hash over all your life’s happenings or solve all the world’s problems with a simple power walk around the RV park together. It’s also a great way to hold each other accountable and encourage one another to stay on the fitness wagon. Having a support system means you aren’t in it alone, and you might even look forward to your buddy exercise sessions!


  1. Keep it Simple:

Stefany Adinaro exercising at Antelope Island State Park

When you start thinking about all the fitness logistics…where to start, what you’ll need, what to do…it can be pretty overwhelming and demotivating. Don’t overthink it! Get started with simpler exercise options…like walking. And you already know my love of resistance bands in the RV. Resistance bands are portable and inexpensive; and guess what!?! We have lots of resistance bands exercise ideas right here on the Fit RV website, so I’ve taken the “thinking” out of it for you. Fitness videos are another great way to do a workout without a lot of difficulty.


  1. Keep Track and Be Honest About It:
Eating corn dog on spin bike

Eating a corn dog while on a spin bike should be avoided.

In this era of data tracking apps and fitness monitors, we’ve got a lot of options to hold us accountable, and that’s great news. Tracking our exercise and eating habits can be incredibly motivating, even if it’s with good old paper and pencil. You’ll find yourself setting new goals all the time. “Cool, I walked 2 miles in 30 minutes today! Tomorrow, I’ll beat that!” Getting feedback on our fitness behaviors plays to our naturally competitive side. Just make sure you’re being honest with your tracking. My personal training clients admit to me all the time they’ve left a few cookies here and there off their data logs; or they may have fudged their exercise minutes. Data tracking is only effective if the data is accurate!


  1. Meld it into your days:

RV Parking at Walmart The Fit RV

You’ve heard this one before, but have you actually tried it? Wake up and dress in athletic clothes…it’ll be a constant reminder that today’s the day your fitness is moving up the totem pole. Park far away from the store. Do some exercises when watching TV. Take the stairs. Practice balance exercises when standing in lines. Carry all the dinner dishes to the picnic table outside the RV. Exercise doesn’t have to be a scheduled hour in your day, from 9am till 10am. Sneak it in everywhere, as part of all your day’s activities.


Making fitness a new habit in your life has to start with you wanting it bad enough. Imagine yourself in-shape, energized, and feeling 10 years younger. Let that mental picture inspire you! No matter where you are, what your age, and how you feel at this moment, it’s never too late to get in the fitness groove.