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Staying fit while traveling doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, workouts on the road can be some of the best types. You’re an RVer like me, so you’ve got the “sense of adventure” part down. Now let’s make that carry over to your fitness! This couch workout isn’t like the typical humdrum workout-in-your-RV suggestions you usually see. Think of this one as a more jazzed up super-fun-ultramatic RV workout for the adventurous souls on wheels! Or, don’t think about it at all, just do it (oh my, I’m turning into Nike).

Enough with the chatter…put your favorite playlist on nice and loud (sorry, RV park neighbors!), and let’s get sweaty! Or, if you do this workout like me, let’s get goose-bumpy…

Sit To Stand Sidesteps:

Sit-Stand Exercise from The FIt RV by Stef Adinaro
This is a great functional exercise that’ll burn mega-calories thanks to all the muscles you’ll recruit. Start seated on the right side of the couch. Stand up, and reach both arms up to the ceiling. Next, sidestep to the left while your elbows “nudge” backwards. Finally, reach up again and sit down on the left side of couch. Repeat this sequence going the other direction, and that’s one repetition. Do this 10 times. These will challenge your legs, core, and of course, your coordination.

Twisting Jacks:

Twisting-Jacks Exercise from The Fit RV Couch Workout by Stef Adinaro

This is a couched-up version of one of my favorite Exercises of the Week! You all know my love affair with full body fun moves, and this one definitely doesn’t disappoint. Start seated with wide feet. Sidelunge your right foot as far out to the right as you can, while keeping most of your weight on your left leg.  Reach your opposite hand (that’d be your right) down towards your planted foot (your left), and make sure you’re getting a nice twist through your core. Step your left foot back in, and repeat this move on your other side for one repetition. Make sure you are pressing through your planted foot to push your hip down into the seat. You’ll need to lean forward from your hips to counterbalance the leg/hip action…not only is this A-okay, it actually helps activate more core muscles, so don’t fight it!


Split Squat Exercise from Fit RV Couch Workout
Split Squat Exercise from Fit RV Couch Workout
Or maybe we should call these beasts “Split-Ends,” because trust me, your “end” will feel them!

  • Sit sideways leaning slightly towards the backrest with your legs split, and your weight braced on your back arm.
  • Press through your arm to assist you to stand up.
  • Keep your feet in the split position as you stand up.
  • As you stand, try to press your weight into the heel of the forward leg, and the ball of the back foot.
  • Sit back down and repeat this 10 times before switching to the other side.

These are tough, but you are tougher!

Couch Bugs:

Scorpion Exercise from the Fit RV Couch Workout by Stef AdinaroScorpion Exercise from Couch Workout by Stefany Adinaro


Get it? Like bed bugs, only these are on the couch. And you’re the bug!

  • Place your hands on the couch seat and keep your feet on the floor. Your body should be straight, like a push-up position.
  • Lift your left leg and bend it up behind you, allowing your knee to turn outward.
  • Next, drive your leftt knee under your core, bringing it as close to your opposite arm as you can, and let the shin rest on the couch as you shift your weight forward (so you bring your head and shoulders closer to the back rest).
  • Do 10 repetitions, and then repeat on your left leg.
  • This exercise can be made easier by placing your hands on the top of the back rest instead of down on the seat. The lower you place your hands, the harder these are.

Not sure why, but I think these are so fun to do!

Triceps Marches and Hip Lifts:


Tricep-March Core Exercise from the Couch Workout by The Fit RV

I get requests for triceps exercises more than anything. Women, as a whole it seems, are such critics of their underarm areas, where things can get a little wiggly-jiggly. The best cure for that is building up your triceps muscles, so your arms become firmer in the jiggle regions. Here’s a unique way to do just that AND work your core and legs at the same time! There’s a beginner and advanced way to do these…

BEGINNERS: Sit on the edge of the couch and lean back, with your arms braced behind you. Lift your right knee and then your left (like a high knee march), and then lift your hips as high as you can off the couch by pushing all your weight into your feet and your hands.

ADVANCED: Brace your hands on the edge of the couch while your hips are off the front. Lift your right knee and then your left (like a high knee march) and then lift your hips as high as you can while both feet remain planted and arms remain straight.

And phew! That’s it! I love unique workouts like this….something different to keep things interesting. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it!

See you on the road, RV friends! Or maybe the couch? In the snow?