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This is the third video in the Fitness In Your RV workout series. Now there’s no excuse for missing your workouts while on the road!

But don’t think this senior fitness video series is just for active retirees; it’s not. These workouts are great for any level exercise enthusiast trying to stay fit on the road, whether your sneakers are silver or not!

In this ball video, all you’ll need is a chair and a small ball. Don’t have a ball? No problem! Take a sock and stuff it with other socks until it looks ball-like. Follow along for a great full body workout that’ll leave you energized and ready for whatever adventures await.

But First:
In the video, I’m using a recliner that rocks. Don’t do that! Make sure you choose a solid chair in your RV for your workout. You’ll be able to work more effectively and safely.

Big Thanks:
To the Camping World Salt Lake City team who allowed us to film in one of their 5th wheels…check them out if you’re in the RV market!

And Remember:
If you want to stay on the road longer, taking care of your body is non-negotiable. Unlike your RV, your body can’t be replaced!

See you on the road, RV friends!