Red Pepper Pistachio Paprika Soup – Inspired by our Germany Trip!

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James and I just got back from attending Caravan Salon (the world’s largest RV show in Germany) as members of the press. Not anyone can get a press pass, there’s an application process where you have to prove you’re legit. The great thing about press passes in general is that there are always perks that come with it. First, attendance is free.

Next, there’s always a private press room we can use as a homebase to set up shop or just hang out. And finally, there’s usually food, or at least drinks. Some shows set out free stuff, but at Caravan Salon, we had our own entire cafeteria that had a rotating deeply discounted menu each day. The food was phenomenal and unlike anything we’ve ever had at any show in the states. The most amazing of all the amazing things we ate in the press room was this red pepper paprika soup.


We actually had this soup on our first day at the show. Each show day after that, the first thing I’d do when I got to the press room was look at the day’s menu and see if Red Pepper Paprika soup was back on the menu. It never was.

I didn’t even wait until we got home. On our long trip back to the states, I started researching German and Hungarian paprika soup recipes until I found this healthed-up version. The video above shows our very first time making it in the RV; using the big pot in our awesome Magma nesting pot set, which we love.  They’re super heavy duty and take up so little space in the RV. We picked ours up at Camping World.

Once the soup was done, we were thrilled with the taste! It wasn’t exactly like the press room’s version— I think they used real cream instead of this version’s vegetable broth plus a little milk. But! I think our version is way better. It really let the flavors of the pistachios and paprika and red pepper shine. Guys, it’s SO GOOD! Plus it’s crazy easy. Definitely one I’ll be making again. In fact I just bought more red peppers because that first batch went way too fast.

Recipe follows, hope you try it and love it, too!


Red Pepper Pistachio Paprika Soup

Healthy, Simple, and Soooo Tasty! This soup makes about 4 cups. Make it vegan by swapping the milk with your favorite alternative!


  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 medium diced onion
  • 2 large diced red bell peppers
  • 1 diced serrano pepper (totally optional!)
  • 2 1/2 cups vegetable broth
  • 2/3 cup shelled pistachios
  • 1 cup milk (any kind you prefer)
  • 2 teaspoons sweet Hungarian paprika
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cardamom


  1. Heat oil in a large pot on medium-high. Add the veggies, and saute about 3-5 minutes, just until softened.

  2. Add the rest: broth, milk, pistachios, paprika, and cardamom. Once it boils, reduce heat and simmer, covered, for about 20 minutes.

  3. Turn off heat, and use an immersion blender (or small batches in a regular blender—but be careful!) to puree until smooth. ENJOY!


—The vegetable broth you use matters. I’ve been obsessed with Better Than Bouillon’s Organic Seasoned Vegetable Base. The depth of flavor is phenomenal for a veggie broth! That’s what I used in this recipe.

—The sweet Hungarian paprika I especially love is made by Pereg. I keep it on-hand to make paprikash, and now I’m thrilled I have yet another favorite recipe I can use it in!

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    1. dctillery

      I think I might just try this. I love pistachios and this looks yummy. With the fall coming up it will be good to have on hand.


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