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Well, if we look at this park objectively, we really shouldn’t like it as much as we do.  Basically, it’s $13 per night to park out in the desert next to a reservoir – and that’s about all you get for your money.  There is a day-use area and a boat ramp, so we imagine it gets rowdy and busy during the summer season.  The access to the few available sites is down a narrow gravel road that we didn’t have trouble navigating in Das Bus, but larger Class A’s would.  And the area is barren, treeless, and there are goat heads aplenty waiting to poke you.

But somehow, staying there makes us happy, and so there must be something to the place besides the near-total lack of amenities.  Of course, it probably helps that we usually stay there in the off-season (March), when it’s not very crowded.   Whenever we’ve been there it’s been peaceful, and beautiful in that quiet, desolate way you’ll find in the West.  Like this:


Desolate though it appears, we never seem to get bored here.  For starters, we’re road bikers, and the road in and out of the park is little traveled, and frequently used by cyclists.  There are several loops through it that are popular.  Just ask any of the local bike shops about the “Gunlock Loop” and they will be able to help you out.  I will say though, that these routes are more set up for road cyclists, and not for “around the park cruiser” type bicycles.  Snow Canyon is very scenic and near by, so you can catch that on the way in or out – or, if you’re ambitious, you can bike there!

There is swimming at the park, although since we’re usually there in March, we’ve never tried it out.  Kayaking seems like it would be excellent there, as I’ve never seen a whitecap on the reservoir.  There is also hiking around the park, and a seasonal waterfall on the South side.

But the best thing we’ve seen there lately is about a 2-3 mile jog north, toward the town of Gunlock.  If you look on the west side of the road, you’ll see the coolest grotto.  Here are some pictures of that.

Grotto1How cool is that?!  We just jogged up to it, but there is a small parking area there if you prefer to get there that way.  Again, this might be even more fun in the summer when you’re willing to get wet – as evidenced by this:

Grotto2This makes me think of those old Country Time Lemonade commercials or something.  Good clean fun.

In all honesty though, let’s call this park what it is: Boondocking.  If you’re OK with spending the $13, you’ll wind up with something better than your average Wal-Mart parking lot.  But get there early, it is first-come, first-served.