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Can you believe it’s already been almost a year since Winnebago first revealed the EKKO?! Just this past month, Winnebago finally revealed the long awaited pop top EKKO version!


This review gives a quick look at the EKKO pop top. It’s the same pop top Winnebago uses on their Solis campervan, so if you’ve seen that, there are no surprises here. My personal favorite thing about it?! The incredible views up there! I was able to see over the entire fest grounds!

A few things to note:

  • If you get the pop top, you cannot get the exterior kitchen option.
  • Solar on the pop top is 220w and is hard-wired in.
  • The fan gets moved to the drivers side back corner of the rig with the pop top version.
  • You don’t get the short cab running board steps on the pop top option like you do on the regular EKKO (I didn’t mention this in the vid, but did get confirmation this is the case.)
  • There will not be a ladder on the back exterior like there is on the regular EKKO.


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