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Maintaining an RV-related website does have a few perks. (OK. Not many, but there are a few.) Usually these are things like complimentary rolls of new RV toilet tissue to try out.  Yay.  But every once in a while, we get to do something so cool, that it actually doesn’t seem like a second job. Something like this:


Winnebago is set to begin offering a new small Class C RV based on the Ford Transit diesel chassis. They’re calling it the Fuse, and when we were visiting them in Forest City recently, the offered to let us try out the prototype for a couple of days. Quicker than they could say, “uhhh…. please return it with a full tank…” we had transferred our gear out of our Travato and into the Fuse, and headed off to a campground!

WInnebago Fuse and The Fit RV

“Hurry, honey, before they change their minds!”

This video is the result of those few days of camping. We had such a blast! We review a lot of RVs, and this was so much fun, I’m thinking of making “take it for a trial run” part of our standard review process.

But about the Fuse. Most of our observations , thoughts, and breakfast made it into the video. But if you want the Reader’s Digest version of the review, here you go:

The Fuse is based on the Ford Transit Diesel Chassis – this chassis has enough GVWR to allow for a slide. Our demo coach had a curb-side bedroom slide which provided a well-windowed, walk-around queen bed that I had trouble getting Stef to give back.

Galley with a full oven! Usually, in smaller coaches, you get a compromise – a convection microwave. Full ovens are typically found in larger Class Cs. But this coach had a real oven, and regardless of what Stef says about healthy eating in the video, we made frozen pizzas in this RV.

Storage for Days! In the video, you’ll see lots of empty cabinets and drawers. This isn’t because we’re hiding our things (though we did pick up our dirty socks for the video – you can thank us later). Rather, it’s because even when we took everything out of our Class B, we just couldn’t fill up the storage in the Fuse.  Inside and outside, there’s a lot of storage.

And the bathroom. This is another thing I think Stef had trouble giving back. The shower in the Fuse was quite large and Stef had plenty of room to fill with whatever it is that people who still have hair use in the shower. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to have hair, but I was impressed with the size of the grey and black tanks in the Fuse.

And there’s more to like about the fuse, as you’ll see in the video. All in all, we enjoyed our time with the Fuse, and we’re hoping Winnebago starts pumping out even more new models that they need a couple seasoned campers to test out.  (hint, hint…)

Winnebago Fuse and James

Oh yeah, and Stef wants me to point out our wardrobe was provided by Ecoths and Aventura…eco-friendly clothes great for active RVers and outdoor enthusiasts. Check them out!