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Our RV trip in Europe was such an interesting eye-opener. I suppose it’s no different than any trip where you encounter a cultural difference; you can’t help but compare and contrast between what you know and what you’re experiencing. That was definitely how it was for us, and the whole time over there we kept having conversations comparing North American and European RVs.


The differences were pretty fascinating, and we couldn’t help talking about them. Breakfast…”Hey honey isn’t it so weird they don’t do microwaves?”  Lunch…”I wonder if microwaves are at least optional?” Dinner… “If we ripped the microwave out of Lance, would we survive?”

That’s how I got the idea for this video. Seemed fitting that we record some of the differences we kept hashing over, and then shared our observations with you all, too. Plus it helped get it out of our systems, so we could move on to conversations about more important things. Like turning Mel into a world-class adventure cat.

…as soon as he wakes up from his 18 hour nap.

We tried to add loads of clips of RVs we saw at the Caravan Salon RV show in Dusseldorf, so hopefully it gives you a little feel for the differences we discuss, AND gives you a fun look at the show.

Would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this! Feel free to comment below!