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We took our RV to Mt. Shasta, and while we were there, we made this video of a whole body workout that you can do with resistance bands.  We like to travel with resistance bands in our RV because they don’t take up much space, and you can really work out just about anything, anywhere.  These are the bands we recommend.

The bugs who call Mt. Shasta home didn’t much appreciate our exercising there.  Watch the video if you think I’m kidding.

But back to the video – each of these movements will exercise multiple muscle groups at once.  The great thing about that is since the exercises are full body, you get a complete workout in less time only doing these 4 moves.  Full body exercises also burn more calories and work your coordination and balance.

Here are the four exercises (I think Stef makes up these names herself…)

  1. Twisting Nudges
  2. Curl and Press
  3. Sumo Triceps
  4. Baseball Swings

We hope you enjoy the video.

By the way – you can boondock for up to 3 days in the place we show here!  What an awesome place to stay!!  And watch out for the bugs – seriously – if you ever take your RV to Mt. Shasta!