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When we were at Railroad Park Resort RV Park near Mt. Shasta we made this video of a resistance band workout you can do with a partner.  There are a few good reasons why you need to watch this one if you use resistance bands:

First, sometimes when working out with resistance bands, you may have trouble finding a place to anchor or wrap them.  Sure, you can use a bench, or the RV, but here’s an idea – use a partner!  We try to give you some ideas here on how to include your partner in your resistance band workout.  (Hopefully, your partner is at least as cooperative as that tree you were thinking of twisting your resistance band around.)  We’re both working in the exercises, and one of us is usually anchoring the band for the other.  This opens up a lot of options.

Second, by doing just the exercises shown here, you’ll get a full-body workout.  There are moves here that will hit your back, biceps, biceps, legs, chest and core.  That’s a lot of fitness benefit for not a lot of time invested.  Seriously.

And finally, besides all that, it’s just more fun working out with a friend.  Now drag your partner out of that RV and get working out!

See you on the road!