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Hey gang! James and I just shot this brand new workout video at the gorgeous Jordanelle State Park in Utah, and I’m excited to share it with you. I designed the exercises with active seniors in mind, but SERIOUSLY, guys, anyone in good health, any age, and even higher fitness levels can get a beneficial strength workout from following along. Simply use a heavier gauge resistance band more appropriate to your fitness level, and you’ll be set!

  In this exercise video, all you’ll need is a resistance band and a wall or ledge (or picnic table like me!) to hold onto. You can do the workout either in the RV or outside! Don’t have any resistance bands? Then you’ve GOT to get our favorites here: Bodylastics Resistance Bands. We use the Bodylastics brand of bands ourselves because they’re made with high-quality and safety in mind. There’s actually a little cord that runs through each band so that if it were to snap, it wouldn’t come back and hit you in the face…which HAS happened with my personal training clients using the house bands at the gym I train at. Plus the Bodylastics brand of bands are super inexpensive and carry easily even in small Class B’s like ours. As you choose which band to use for the workout, make sure you find a resistance band that’s strong enough to challenge you and get you a little uncomfortable, but not so difficult that you can’t use good form to do the exercises. Do a little experimenting to find the band tension that’s right for you. I’ve had some requests for some longer workout videos, so those of you who spoke up, this one’s for you! But don’t let the length of it scare you away, it’s just a little over 20 minutes…a perfect length for a strength and coordination building workout, especially when you pair it up with a 30 minute walk in the same day! I hope you’ll join me for a super fun full body workout that’ll work all your major muscle groups, leaving you energized and ready for whatever travel adventures await! Stay fit on the road!