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If you’ve been following along, you know I’ve been posting weekly workout videos, each with their own theme, and here we are at workout #5.

For this week’s Stay Home Workout, we’re going into stress-busting mode, because I think we can agree we all need a little stress-relief right now. In this follow-along workout, we’ll be keeping it gentle with stretches and yoga poses that will leave you feeling relaxed and calm:


The whole 20 minute workout is all standing, so no going down to a mat. In the last half of the workout I teach a modified “Sun Salutations” routine. Sun Salutations is a simple routine of yoga stretches that works your whole body, and I personally have been doing it for decades. Hopefully, you can memorize the stretches and do it on your own regularly, too. Especially as we age, it’s important to keep training our flexibility. Sun Salutations is a wonderful way to do just that. Besides that, it’s such a pleasant and relaxing routine, great for our mental health, too.

Why Should I Exercise for Stress-Relief?

Being stressed sets off a chain of events in our bodies. When we feel stressed, our bodies release adrenaline, which is a hormone that will cause our breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure to temporarily increase… all part of the “fight or flight” response. When we continue to stay stressed, it takes a physical toll on us. Chronic stress can weaken our immune systems (NOT what we need right now) and cause other negative physiological responses, like raising our risk for various diseases and unwelcomed medical conditions. So basically, stress can make us sick. Exercise can actually level out our stress hormones, bringing them back down to healthier levels. It’ll also help you think clearer, feel more uplifted and energized, and give your immune system the boost it needs. All things we could use right now!

What are the Other Workouts in this Series?

If you’ve just jumped in, here’s a list of the other videos in my Stay at Home Workout series. All of them are easy-to-follow videos targeted for beginners or active seniors, and none of the workouts require you to go down to the floor:

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So there you go! I hope you’ll give this most recent stress-relieving stretch workout a try. Not only will you enjoy the process of DOING the workout, I promise you’ll continue your day on a happier note after you’ve done it. Comments below are always welcomed! Stay strong and healthy, all!


Trainer Stef