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I can’t believe I haven’t shared a wall workout sooner! When you add a wall as a prop to bodyweight exercises, you’re able to activate your upper body and core muscles in a more effective way. Plus! You can adjust the intensity, depending on things like how far you stand away from the wall, how deeply you go into the poses, etc. making this a workout for all levels of exercisers. So, yes, seniors (you teachers’ pets you ❤), this one is totally appropriate for you, too!


This follow-along workout is all standing, so it’s all the more convenient for when you’re working out at a campground and using your RV as your wall like I’m doing in the vid. I chose exercises to train your functional fitness, so the goals of this workout were to not only improve your strength, but also the quality of your joint movement (aka joint mobility) as well as the range of motion of your joints (flexibility) AND of course, improving your posture. Good posture keeps us young!

Camping World sponsored this workout, so a big thanks to them for that. I very much appreciate their support of a healthy and fit RV lifestyle for us all. We’ve been inside loads of Camping World stores over the years, and find them so handy for picking up anything RV-related we need when we’re on the road.

There are more workouts and fit tips here on the website, so feel free to stick around and check things out! Stay healthy, and be strong, fit friends!


Trainer Stef