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This is part of our series of videos showing how you can use things already in your RV as workout props.  This past weekend, we took our RV to Bear Lake in Garden City, UT.  It rained almost the entire time we were there, but Stef made sure we got some exercise in anyway.  Like a lot of RVers, we had plenty of water bottles on hand, and they provided the right amount of resistance for four shoulder exercises.

  1. Front Raise (with optional sumo squat)
  2. Lateral Raise (with optional side lunge)
  3. Shoulder Rotations (with optional calf raise)
  4. Military Press (with optional knee raise)

If I had been really motivated, I would have extended the awning on our RV and we would have done the workout there, but we found a nice patio instead.

See you on the road!